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Census Data and Your Library Community

As libraries we strive to provide relevant and dynamic programming, resources, and services for our unique communities. Sometimes it is challenging to expand or narrow what we consider offering in our library because we have so much information to consider. We use our first hand knowledge of our patrons, we refer to our experiences out in the community, we look to our peers for new ideas but, perhaps there is some bank of information that can help us dive even deeper into our community’s needs.

Well, never fear because Census Data is here to help!

PLA is providing a FREE on demand webinar on how librarians just like us are using Census Data to inform their decision making processes and how you can do it to.

Find out more and register:

This program is part of a larger effort by PLA to encourage Census Data Literacy. Check out the larger effort and learn how to help not only your library but patrons make the best use of Census Data. Find more:


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