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Call for Proposals- ARSL Conference 2019

We are excited to release the call for session proposals for the 2019 ARSL Conference: Tap Into Libraries! in Burlington, VT, Sept 4-7, 2019.

Do you:

  • have a successful approach to advocacy?
  • have great examples of building community partnerships?
  • provide an outstanding tech service?
  • have creative management techniques to share?
  • work in a library where staff goes above and beyond with a particular service or program?
  • offer other unique services that are replicable and affordable for small and rural libraries

Share your expertise in these or other areas by submitting a proposal (link below).

Important items to note:

Bring us your best!  We will be accepting a maximum of TWO proposals per presenter (including individual and panel presentations).


· ARSL will provide a $100 conference registration discount for session presenter*

· A $150 conference registration discount is provided for presenters who are asked to repeat a proposed  session*

*For sessions with multiple presenters, the discount applies only to the lead speaker (person who submits the proposal) and is NOT transferable.

PLEASE NOTE: conference vendors who present sessions are not eligible for the presenter discount and no additional travel funding will be available for presenters for this conference (scholarships are a separate award).

DEADLINE: Proposals are due by 10pm CST, Sunday, February 10, 2019. Please be sure you keep a copy of your proposal!


We ask for your patience. We hope to notify all selected presenters by Friday, March 20, 2019. Please understand that session selection takes time and the committee is made up of volunteers working on this process in addition to performing their day jobs. If the notification date changes, we will make an announcement. Emails regarding status of selection will not be answered prior to this date.


When you successfully submit a proposal, you should receive a confirmation email with a summary of your submission. If you do not receive the confirmation or if you have other questions, please direct them to Jennie Garner, 2019 Program Chair, via email at or phone at (319) 626-5778.


*****Please read and review this post and the entire form before submitting.*****

ARSL membership boasts the best librarians around. We look forward to reading your proposals! Thank you for giving your time and energy to your association.

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