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Bradley Carrington to Join NMSL

The State Library is pleased to announce that Brad Carrington has accepted the position as Chief of the Technical Services Bureau. He will start at NMSL on March 31.

Brad has extensive experience in providing public services and technical services at the University of Kentucky, where he has worked for many years. He is currently the head of the Education Library.

On the technical services side, he has experience in working with automated systems, with cataloging, with serials, and with federal documents. He has provided public services to faculty, staff, students and researchers. He has experience in bringing together individuals with diverse interests, to be able to work with each other as a group.

Although he is a longtime resident of Kentucky, he has spent a great deal of time in Santa Fe, and has been a member of NMLA since 2010.

We look forward to him joining the NMSL team.

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