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Call for Applicants for Makerspace Programs


The NM Makerstate Initiative lives on!

Under this year’s plan, we will be offering ~15 “pop up” makerspace events. Are you interested in bringing one to your library? Please fill out this survey:

Sample Programs:

About the NM Makerstate Initiative:

Deadline for responses: March 1, 2015.

Selection: We will work with our partners, the Parachute Factory, to determine a plan that will bring as many programs to libraries as possible. There are many factors considered when making the plan, and what will help set the final plan are the following factors:

  1. Geographic proximity to facilitate as many library programs as possible.
  2. Willingness of library staff to participate (these programs are equally intended to develop the staff professionally on how to create makerspaces in libraries, as well as provide programs to the public).
  3. Willingness of library staff to promote.
  4. Order of response.


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [LS-00-13-0032-14].

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