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Adult Craft Programs at the Lordsburg Hidalgo Library

Written by: Lordsburg Hidalgo Library Director Collista Jensen

One of the responsibilities I was given as I took over as the Director of the Lordsburg Hidalgo Library was to establish some adult programs to increase our numbers. Not sure exactly what to do, since we live in a community with few readers, I decided to start simple and just do a few crafts. I then asked for ideas.  Having a decent background in making multiple crafts gave me something to start with. My limited abilities were extended significantly by research on Pinterest and YouTube. This one class, twice a month, has spread to three classes every week.

Our library is lucky to own a Cricut machine, which gives us a wide variety of affordable, yet professional looking crafts. We have made items ranging from monogram tiles and iron-on vinyl designs to resin Jewelry and repurposed book crafts. I have used our abundance of crayons to make beautiful melted crayon art.  We utilize dollar store items, donated items, and re-purpose anything and everything we can.  We have given a bit of our budget to this purpose. We have an abundance of unused materials from years past, so have not needed to spend a lot. It is amazing what you can make when re-purposing old things.  


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