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A Note from DCA’s Director of Legislative Affairs about GO Bonds

It’s another even-numbered year, which means the New Mexico Legislature has the opportunity to appropriate proceeds from General Obligation Bonds (GO Bonds). The library community has made a strong case for need for library resources over the past two decades or so, and the legislature has responded each cycle by appropriating millions of dollars in GO Bonds for the acquisition of library materials for the state’s public and tribal libraries, public school libraries, and academic libraries. 

Let’s make 2016 no different! Thanks to the strong leDCAadership of the New Mexico Library Association, there is a good chance that the libraries will see strong support again this year.

A word of caution:  Don’t take anything for granted!  If you are carrying large balances of unspent balances remaining from GO Bonds appropriated two or four years ago, it will be a lot harder to show that you are in desperate need for additional funds. Capital Outlay funds are very scarce this year, and competition will be high. If you have balances remaining from the 2012 GO Bonds, please try to spend them completely before January 15; and also try to make a significant dent in your 2014 balances.

Good luck this year!

~Ann Green-Romig

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