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5 Science and Math Books for Your Collection!

Every moment is a teachable moment – and for kids aged 0-5, learning is all about
exploring and discovery. Are you wondering what good books might lead to great
discoveries in your storytime? Below are five wonderful books you may want to
consider adding to your collection – for yourself and for parents.



Science: Activities for Children in 15 Minutes Or Less

By John Howard Falk, Kristi S. Rosenberg: These short, bite-sized, deliciously fun
activities like “Sounds of Chewing,” “Clinks in the Kitchen,” “Tangy Tongue,” and “Shoe Show” take only 15 minutes to organize, do –  and clean up!  By learning the scientific method – making predictions, testing them, and then evaluating the results, young minds can discover the many wonders of the natural world.




How Many Ways Can You Make Five?: A Parent’s Guide to Exploring Math with Children’s Books

By Sally Anderson: Engage your child with easy, fun-filled activities you can use to explore important math concepts like mapping, following directions, noticing patterns, and finding shapes. In practice, these math concepts are also key pre-literacy skills.






Where Does My Shadow Sleep?: A Parent’s Guide to Exploring Science with Children’s Books

By Sally Anderson: It’s just the kind of innocent questions children ask… and yet provides you with the opportunity to spend time with them exploring these easy, fun-filled activities to investigate things like clouds, bugs, bridges, and mud!






Math and Science Investigations: Helping Young Learners Make Big Discoveries

By Sally Anderson: Starting at a young
age, children are curious and interested in learning about the world around them. They notice changes taking place daily, monthly, and also notice seasonal
changes. This is the time when they are full of questions, and are excited to explore every living thing in their own backyard! Math and Science investigations, helps and entices young children’s natural curiosity and spurs them to keep exploring.






Science Play!: Beginning Discoveries for 2- to 6-year-olds

By Jill Frankel Hauser and Michael Kline: This great book provides plans for over 65 safe, age-appropriate activities that encourage kids to discover, sort, observe, predict, and think creatively. Fun activities — like creating rain, seeing sound, celebrating plants, and building adobe blocks, to name a few — guide children to discover science all around them!

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