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2020 National Book Festival

Traditionally, over Labor Day weekend, the Library of Congress holds its National Book Festival in Washington D.C. Part of the National Book Festival is the Parade of States- each state picks a book by an author in that state or it takes place in that state and displays it in the convention hall so anyone can come by and learn about it and get materials pertaining to the book and the state.

This year, things are a little different due to the coronavirus; 2020 now has Great Reads from Great Places! Each state has still selected a book but instead of presenting it in person to tens of thousands of people, we’ve created a website full of fun activities and videos from the book’s author and illustrator! Our selection this year is Through Georgia’s Eyes by Rachel Rodriguez and illustrated by Julie Paschkis, A gorgeous, evocative biography of one of America’s most beloved artists. Georgia O’Keeffe saw the world differently from most people. As a child she roamed the prairie with a sketch pad in her hand, struggling to capture on paper what she saw all around her. At art school she learned to speak in paint on canvas. But Georgia felt confined by city life. She longed for vast expanses of space, and she found it in the red hills and silent deserts of New Mexico. Lyrical and vivid, this is a portrait of an exceptional artist, a woman whose eyes were open to the wideness and wonder of the world.

Stop by the website to hear from Rachel Rodriguez on her inspiration, learn about Georgia O’Keefe, find fun at-home activities, and more! And while you’re there, check out our previous choices and spend your summer reading and learning more about the Land of Enchantment!

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