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2014 NMLA Nominations and Elections – Due Nov. 15th

Anne Lefkofsky, Chair of the NMLA Nominations and Elections Committee, passes along this call for nominations. Get involved with the New Mexico Library Association!

NMLA LogoOn behalf of the Nominations and Elections Committee, I would like to acknowledge, and apologize for, circumstances precluding the timely announcement of our slate of candidates for the 2014 Officer and Board vacancies. We are now trying to sync up with the timeline specified by the NMLA Bylaws.

Your patience with this process is appreciated – and your participation is encouraged! The Committee welcomes candidate nominations for the following Association posts. Service in this capacity is rewarding, and represents an invaluable professional and personal commitment in taking the NM library community forward.

►Please note that the timeline indicated in this announcement allows more than a month for members to add candidates to the ballot by petition, and resume the Bylaws-designated dates for announcing the candidates in January and beginning the balloting on February 1st.

NMLA membership will elect four officers to the Board this winter. Open positions are:

Vice President / President-Elect (1 position open)
• Term of service: 3 years (Vice President, President, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair)
• Duties: See Bylaws and Procedural Manual Section 230 – Vice President/President-Elect and Conference Chair

Secretary (1 position open)
• Term of service: 2 years
• Duties: See Bylaws and Procedural Manual Section 230

Member at Large (2 positions open)
• Term of service: 2 years
• Duties: See Bylaws and Procedural Manual Section 241 – Members at Large

The revised deadline for nominating candidates is now Friday, November 15, 2013.

Steps for submitting a nomination

Please include this information in your nomination letter:
• Name of Candidate
• Candidate Biography
• Statement of Interest in running for office

Submitting a nomination:
• Send your nomination as an email message (or as an email attachment) to: .
• Nominations must by time stamped by 11:59 pm on Friday, November 15, 2013 for consideration by the Nominations and Elections Committee.

All suggestions received by the Committee will be reviewed and evaluated for inclusion in the slate of candidates.

The Nominations and Elections Committee will report the slate of candidates (including each candidate’s biography and statement of interest) in a special edition of the newsletter to be published circa Friday, November 22, 2013. Petition forms and instructions will be included in this announcement.

We thank you all for your patience and support as this important process goes forward!

Anne E. Lefkofsky, M.Libr.
NMLA Nominations and Elections Committee Chair
(505) 768-5134 |

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