Technical Services

Technical Services Bureau

Bradley Carrington, Chief < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

TSB catalogs and processes all materials added by the New Mexico State Library, acquired via deposit, purchase, donation, or digital capture. We follow and uphold local and consortia standards. We teach and train those who use these standards. We are in charge of quality control for the bibliographic, authority, and serial holdings records in both our local system and in our consortium, SALSA, and in our bibliographic utility, WorldCat.

Processing Priorities
Let us know if you have a pressing need.

  • Newspapers and periodicals checked-in on day of receipt (SF, ABQ, WSJ, NYT first thing in the morning)
  • Microfilm reels received on subscription are checked in on day of receipt
  • New purchases cataloged and processed within one week
  • Track progress using date on routing slip
  • Federal shipment boxes opened and checked against packing slips within one week
  • For cataloging newly published state docs will take highest priority
  • We will ship state publications to depositories on a bimonthly schedule
  • State deposits "copy 2 and copy 3" (the NMSL circulating copies) will be available before the monthly shipment is mailed

Exceptions apply if TSB member is on leave and especially during staff vacancies; we have backups in place for the "book drop" newspapers.

Our 5 Year Report (2011-15)


TSB Guidelines

NM State Publications Distribution Manual