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November 23, 2007

November, 2007; #1651
State Librarian Susan Oberlander writes: “I would like to explain some changes that the State
Library is planning in regards to OCLC and Magazines Online.
OCLC. It appears that a decision was made about two years ago by Richard Ackeroyd, former
State Librarian, to pay for First Search/World Cat for all the libraries in the state. This included
school, public, academic and special libraries. In addition, there was a schedule to pay for
cataloging/ILL services for rotating subsets of libraries for one year. These services were paid
for from the State Library’s federal LSTA grant.
The usage of these services has been very low. We are currently paying the First
Search/World Cat charges for 400 libraries. Last year 50 of them used First Search. The charge
for these 400 libraries was about $400,000.
According to our last estimate, we believe that the current two-year federal LSTA grant
to the State Library is insufficient to complete all of the obligations for which the State Library
previously contracted and that we will run out of money in the second year of the contract. In
order to preserve some of the core services paid for with these funds, such as the bookmobiles,
books by mail services, technology consulting services to public libraries, and Magazines Online
for libraries in the state, the State Library is canceling contracts for other services such as OCLC.
It has not been an easy decision for us to make, as we know that there will be
repercussions for libraries around the state. But in the interests of sound fiscal management, we
must do this.
The termination of OCLC services affects all school, special and academic libraries. All
OCLC services to public and Department of Cultural Affairs libraries will continue for this fiscal
year. We have contacted all of the libraries that have used First Search in the last year to tell
them of the termination and to give them information about how to proceed if they wish to
continue these services.
Magazines Online. Magazines Online is currently received by 658 libraries statewide at the
cost of $190,000. This includes all public, school and academic libraries. Last year 425 libraries
used the service. In addition, many of those 425 libraries made only a few searches. To address
our concerns about the cost effectiveness of using LSTA money for a service that is not being
used by all the libraries that currently have access to it, we are considering taking various steps
before the next contract is signed in July 2008 such as identifying the libraries who want the
service and asking them to commit to some training so that they can make optimal use of the
database. We are providing this service to libraries because we believe that Magazines Online
could be a viable part of the information search for all New Mexico library patrons and want to
take whatever steps possible to ensure that it is.
As the fiduciary agent responsible for managing the federal LSTA money received in
New Mexico, the New Mexico State Library is keenly aware of the need to leverage that money
for maximum benefit to the state. Therefore, we are looking very closely at the benefits of every
service paid for with federal funds and attempting to improve the cost/benefit ratio, with special
emphasis on the benefits to the State Library's core constituency, the public libraries.”
- Susan Oberlander, State Librarian
Send your news or stories that you would like to share with the library community to the HH
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State depository site visits. Josh Maestas, Monica Vallaire-Garcia, and Susanne Caro of the
New Mexico State Library State Depository team have been making site visits to State
depository libraries around New Mexico. The purpose of these visits is to improve
communication, learn more about how state documents are being utilized in these depositories,
and to get input on State Depository services such as training and the annual meeting. Thus far
the team has visited NMSU Grants, UNM Gallup, San Juan College in Farmington, Farmington
Public Library, Los Alamos/ Mesa Public Library, and Espanola Public Library.
The team has met some wonderful and dedicated people during these trips who are
working hard to provide students and the public with access to documents on health, education,
transportation, the environment, and law in New Mexico.
Special thanks goes out to Mary Heberling and Cecilia Stafford of NMSU Grants, Louise
Hoffmann and her staff at San Juan College Library in Grants, Carol Frick and Rachel Hewett-
Beah of Zollinger Library, UNM Gallup, Juris Odins of Farmington Public Library, Lih-Jane
Kao and Jerilynn Christiansen of Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, and the staff of the
Espanola Public Library for their hospitality.
The next trip will be November 14-16 when the team visits the State Depositories at NM
Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, WNMU Miller Library in Silver City, NMSU
Branson Library in Las Cruces, and NMSU-Townsend Library in Alamogordo.
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Spring 2008 library classes at UNM. The College of Education at the University of New
Mexico will be offering EMLS 437/537: “Library Collection Development” in Los Lunas in the
spring semester of 2008, from 4:30-7 p.m. Leslie Chamberlin will be the instructor.
Registration will be available soon from the UNM home Page's LoboWeb (see system. Textbooks
for the class will be The School Library Media Manager by Blanche Woolls and The Collection
Program in Schools by Phyllis Van Orden.
EMLS 425/525: “Reference and Bibliography” will be held on Fridays from 4:30-7 the UNM Main Campus. Feel free to contact Leslie Chamberlin, Tireman Library
Director at the Educational Media/Library Science Program College of Education, The
University of New Mexico, (505) 277-7260 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any additional details.
NMLA logo contest. Announcing the New Mexico Library Association (NMLA) Logo Contest:
join the fun and win a cash prize! Cash prize to the winning designer ($1500) and sponsoring
library ($500)!
NMLA is looking for a logo design. Here are a few things to think about: libraries
conjure up many images to many different people. NMLA works to support all the different
libraries in the state and all the different patrons who visit the libraries. It includes all the
professional staff and other library workers that work each day at their particular library to help
make them the best they can be. Think of all the different libraries in our state of New Mexico
where children, adults, students of all ages can come for information to help them in a special
project, or find that special book to read, or do an activity with other members sharing the same
interest. A well-designed logo can become known as well as the gecko for Geico or the arches
for McDonald’s in giving a picture that is readily identifiable. Someone who sees it will be able
to say, “Oh yes, that’s the logo for New Mexico libraries.”
Everyone is invited to submit a design. Just follow the attached guidelines, which
include the entry form, by January 14, 2008. For more information, go to the NMLA website at
The New Mexico Library Association Logo Contest Guidelines: Please read the following
guidelines very carefully before you begin work on your logo design. Entries that do not follow
these guidelines may be disqualified from the contest.
1. Contest entries must be submitted through a library that is in the state of New Mexico.
(All types of libraries are participating: academic, school, public, tribal, special libraries,
2. The NMLA Logo Contest is open to all persons residing in New Mexico.
3. A limit of 3 designs per individual will be accepted as entries into the contest.
4. A $1500 prize is being offered to the individual who submits the winning design. (In the
event that the winning design was a collaborative effort among two or more individuals,
the $1500 will be awarded to the entire group.)
5. $500 will also be awarded to the library to which the winning design was submitted.
6. All entries must be submitted by January 14, 2008 to:
Carol Meine
Mesa Public Library
Los Alamos County Library System
2400 Central Avenue
Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 662-8247
7. Logos must be submitted on CD.
8. No hand-drawn entries will be accepted.
9. Send logo in an original (unflattened) editable graphic format. Vector file preferred
(however a .tif file may be submitted and must be at least 600 dpi) The name of the file
must be easily identifiable, for example:
10. Submit black and white version. A color version may be included as well, as a means of
offering suggestions. (Colors will be selected by NMLA at a later date.)
11. Design must be adaptable to large and small displays (business cards, web pages, posters,
brochures, etc.)
12. Design image must include the letters “NMLA.”
13. Designs must convey (in a concise and simple manner) the spirit of the modern library
here in New Mexico.
14. CDs will not be returned. All entries, including the winning entry, become the property
of NMLA. By submitting an entry, you understand that if your entry should be the one
selected by NMLA, NMLA may use, modify, register, and/or reproduce your logo design
without limitation, and may do so without obtaining your permission or granting you any
additional compensation.
15. Please include the following information labeled on your CD submission:
• Your name
• Your mailing address, telephone number, and email address
• Names of any additional members of your design team, if applicable
• The name of the library to which you are submitting your entry.
16. Include a completed “NMLA Logo Contest Entry Form” with your CD submission.
17. The NMLA Board reserves the right to select the winner. If the quality of submissions is
not suitable for the official NMLA logo, the Board reserves the right to reopen the
Online library science courses from NMSU. Registration will start in November for online
graduate and undergraduate courses in Library Science at New Mexico State University and
Doí±a Ana Community College in Las Cruces. Sign up early so you don’t miss out! Several
three-credit courses, only 8 weeks long, will be starting in January and March. All courses are
offered ONLINE! There are also several short month-long single credit courses, with no text
required. Two of those are brand new, and there will be an opportunity to get credit for assisting
with the NMLA Conference in April.
• Online courses being offered in the spring semester include:
16 Week, 3 credit NMSU Upper Division/Graduate Course for School Library
Endorsement (Jan. 16 – May 9):
EMD 412 M70 (CRN#18396) Administration of the School Library
EMD 512 M70 (CRN#18397) Administration of the School Library
• 3 credit courses starting in January and March:
Courses Scheduled January 16 – March 10:
L SC 100 D01 (CRN#20145) Introduction to Library and Information Services
L SC 110 D01, D02 (CRN#20148, 20149) Reference and Information Resources I
L SC 111 D01 (CRN#20150) Introduction to Information Literacy
L SC 200 D01 (CRN#20129) Collection Development and Management
L SC 203 D01 (CRN#20130) School Library Media Specialist
L SC 260 D01 (CRN#20141) Advanced Cataloging
Courses Scheduled March 11 – May 9:
L SC 100 D02, D03 (CRN#20146, 20147) Introduction to Library and Information Services
L SC 111 D02 – D05 (CRN#20151-20154) Introduction to Information Literacy
L SC 140 D01, D02 (CRN#20155, 20156) Multimedia Materials and Presentations
L SC 150 D01 (CRN#20157) Library Services for Children & Young Adults
L SC 250 D01 (CRN#20137) Reference and Information Resources II
L SC 270 D01 (CRN#20142) Library Science Capstone
• 1 credit courses starting in February, March and April:
L SC 205 D01 (CRN#20131) Preservation Basics for Libraries (February 4-29)
L SC 255 D01 (CRN#20139) Grant Writing for Libraries – NEW COURSE!!
(February 4-29)
L SC 155 D01 (CRN#20124) Award Winning Books for Children (April 1-25)
L SC 165 D01 (CRN#20125) Interacting with the Public in Libraries – NEW
COURSE!! (March 3-20)
L SC 168 D01 (CRN#20126) Managing Library Volunteers (March 3-20)
L SC 233 D01 (CRN#20136) Library Privacy & Confidentiality (April 1-25)
L SC 255 D02 (CRN#20140) Library Conference Internship
(requires assistance at the NMLA Conference April
• 1-3 variable credit courses starting in January or March:
L SC 175 D01, D02 (CRN#20127, 20128) Civic Involvement (requires community service)
L SC 221 D01, D02 (CRN#20132, 20133) Cooperative Experience (requires work in a library
L SC 222 D01, D02 (CRN#20134, 20135) Cooperative Experience (requires work in a library
Non-degree seeking students who desire single classes for professional development are
always welcome, however students may also choose to complete coursework leading to an
Associates Degree in Library Science or a Certificate of Completion in Library Science.
Additionally the program offers courses that fulfill State of New Mexico requirements for
Library Media Specialist Endorsements.
It’s easy to be admitted and enroll in these reasonably priced courses. For further
information about courses or degree options, go to the web site at
or contact: Susan Pinkerton at (575) 527-7567 or 800-903-7503 ext. 7567; email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Send announcements of new personnel, changes, achievements, and retirements in your library
to the HH editor, Robert Upton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
In the November 9 edition, HH reported that Christine Mueller earned an MLIS degree from
the University of Oklahoma where she worked with library systems and cataloging standards, but
she actually was a systems librarian at Oklahoma State University. She will be a temporary
database administrator at the New Mexico State Library.
Send job announcements to the HH editor, Robert Upton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . There is
no charge for this service to the library community.
Library manager. The City of Alamogordo is accepting applications for the position of Library
Manager. The Library Manager operates the library efficiently and ensures that the library meets
the needs of the community by defining, administering, and evaluating library goals and
procedures; overseeing library employees; preparing annual budget; promoting the library;
procuring materials; assisting patrons; and managing all phases of library operations. Starting
salary will be $39,837 - $49,198 annual salary, DOQ; plus, fully paid health, dental and life
insurance and an additional generous benefit package. The full vacancy announcement and
employment application can be found at
or at City Hall, 1376 E. Ninth Street, Alamogordo, NM 88310. Position is open until filled.
Contact Dee Dee Craine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (505) 439-4206.
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