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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is designed to stimulate the economy in these difficult times. ARRA offers opportunities for libraries to receive funding; the first section of this guide provides information on those options. The remaining guide is designed to provide general information to you and your patrons—from job seekers to small business owners and more—about ARRA.

If you know of additional ARRA resources for libraries or patrons, please let us know at 800-340-3890 and we’ll include them here.

ARRA Resources for New Mexico Libraries

There are many unknowns yet about ARRA funding available to libraries, such as details about funding for expanding broadband to rural areas. Programs already in place and resources that provide ongoing funding to libraries are listed here. The NM State Library will continue to monitor available information and opportunities and post them here.

  • ALA: What libraries should know about ARRA
    Provides current ARRA news and funding opportunities for libraries, as well as tips for advocating for library funding.
  • How libraries can benefit from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    An article in American Libraries by Emily Sheketoff outlining the types of funding available and how libraries may apply for it.
  • Rural Development Housing & Community Facilities Programs
    These programs help develop community facilities in rural areas, including libraries, schools, childcare, hospitals, medical clinics, fire and rescue stations, police stations, community centers, and transportation. The program received an additional $130 million from ARRA.
  • NM Senior Community Service Employment Program
    In this community service and work-based training program for older workers, participants are placed in a variety of community service positions at non-profit and public facilities, including libraries, daycare centers, senior centers, governmental agencies, and schools. Libraries DO NOT apply for this funding but can inquire about being host agencies. ARRA provided an additional $120 million for this existing program. In NM, the NM Aging & Long-Term Services Department administers this program. Interested libraries may contact Doug Calderwood, Director, Employment Programs Bureau, 505-474-3800, extension 1001, or, or click on the link above for more information.

National ARRA Resources

    Provides news and updates of state and national implementation of ARRA legislation.
  • U.S. Department of Education: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    Provides information on how the U.S. Department of Education plans to implement ARRA.
  • IRS Information Related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    Information for individuals and business owners on how ARRA will impact taxes.
  • State-By-State Estimates of Key Provisions Affecting Low- and Moderate-Income Individuals
    The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities provides short descriptions and tables with estimated state-by-state impacts of several key provisions of ARRA.
    The source to find and apply for ARRA-related grants administered through the federal government (as well as all federal grants). This site does not provide personal financial assistance. Application eligibility varies by program.
  • Spanish Language Information on ARRA
    From the US Department of Education.
    Provides homeowners with detailed information about ARRA programs along with tools to empower borrowers with the resources they need to determine whether they might be eligible for a modification or a refinance under the Administration’s program.
  • State Recovery
    This service of The Council of State Governments is designed to help states decipher potential funding opportunities and share best practices.

New Mexico ARRA Resources

  • Integrated Stimulus Guide
    A guide from US Senators and Representatives from NM intended to provide information about the programs and funding opportunities available to individuals, communities and businesses in New Mexico through ARRA.
  • NM Recovery and Reinvestment Initiative
    A guide from the NM Office of the Governor with resources, links, and an online form to propose projects for funding.
  • Resources for Unemployment in New Mexico
    Created by the State Library’s Reference staff, this handy guide helps librarians—and their patrons—navigate the State’s unemployment website.
  • Region 6 Regional Recovery Map
    A handy map showing stimulus-funded projects. Region 6 includes New Mexico.

Related Resources

  • Economic & Financial Crisis
    This Mississippi State University LibGuide is a compendium of info from the origins of the crisis to blogs on the topic.
  • The Financial Crisis: Glossary
    A list of terms relevant to the economic crisis.
  • The Role of Libraries in Economic Hard Times: Panel Discussion (Podcast)Libraries today have become multimedia centers, offering not only books but DVDs, e-books and Internet access. They can also be an especially important community resource during times of economic hardship. This podcast from the Diane Rehm Show looks at the future of libraries in a slowing economy. Panelists include Jim Rettig, President of ALA.