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Ordering Materials and Equipment

Ordering Materials and Equipment


In order to play a digital or audiocassette book, patrons utilize free machine players provided by the NLS. Patrons are issued a machine player upon registration for the service, and should receive their player in about 10 days depending upon availability.

Currently, digital talking book machines (DTBMs) are being distributed to new patrons, with cassette book machines (CBMs) only available upon request.  Production of the CBMs ended in 2007, and they will eventually be replaced completely by the DTBMs.  These DTBM players come in two models, a DS1 (basic) and a DA1 (advanced). The DA1 features an extra row of buttons for patrons wishing to access footnotes and other advanced features.  Practically all digital books will be available on one NLS cartridge, which will play to the conclusion of the book without changing sides.

Book Requests

To view available items you can refer to the Talking Book Topics, which is a bi-monthly publicaton listing new recordings by the NLS in Large Print, Braille, and digital format.You can also view our online catalog

  • Books may be ordered by phone, fax, e-mail, or postal mail.  
  • Provide us with the book number, name, and/or author. 
  • To order directily from our online catalog you must provide us with your e-mail address, then we can set-up your username and password for ordering online. 

If you are interested in receiving a book that is not listed in any of the catalogs, contact the LBPD. We will check the NLS catalog to see if it has been produced. Also, we have access to a listing of the new titles that are being produced.  The LBPD may order titles through interlibrary loan that are listed with affiliated libraries of the NLS. If you are checking the status of a relatively new book, be sure to have the complete title.

Loan Period

The loan period for all digital talking books is 45 days. If more time is needed to finish a book, you can renew it, unless there is a waiting list for the title. Just remember, there are other readers who may be waiting for that book. If you find books stacking up and don't have the time to read them, return them to the Library. They can always be sent to you again when you have more time.


Magazine Subscriptions

In the spring of 2013, NLS launched its transition of the magazine program from analog cassettes to digital cartridges.  If you are interested in receiving any magazine subscriptions, please contact the LBPD for further information.  The loan period is 1 week for weekly magazines and 2 weeks for monthlies, with no renewal option.

Receiving and Returning Materials

All books and magazines are mailed to patrons postage-free and are returned to the LBPD postage-free. On the outside of the container there is a slot with a reversible mailing card. When returning a book, turn the mailing card over so that the Library address is showing and put it in the mailbox. If a paton receives magazines without a reversible mailing card, they do not need to be returned.

If a patron receives defective books or magazines, please put a rubber band around the defective tape itself or put a small post-it note on the inside of the cartridge, and check the defective book box on the return side of the mailing card. Cartridges are inspected upon return and our staff will notice if you flag a tape.  Please do not put rubber bands or notes on the outside of the mailing cartridge.  If you would like to receive another copy of a defective book, contact the Library. 

As digital talking book cartridges will have no moving parts, it is expected that these books will have few defects, unless there has been a mistake made with the original duplication. Digital cartridges are substantially more costly than audiocassettes; so, it is especially important that patrons return them in a secure and timely manner.

Changes in Service

Your service can be adjusted at any time. Please call the Library whenever you want to make any changes. Some of the more frequent changes made by readers are:

  1. Quantity of books sent.
  2. Reader interests.
  3. Magazine subscription changes. All subscription changes must be made by the LBPD. Do not send them to the address on the outside of the magazine containers.
  4. Temporary address changes. The LBPD will have books and magazines sent to a temporary address while you are on vacation.
  5. Permanent changes of address. If you are making a permanent move out of state, the LBPD will send your records to the new Library that will serve you. You can take your equipment with you. Talking books are available, in every state as well as overseas. Just remember, if you are moving to contact the LBPD before you leave.
  6. Temporary suspension of service. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time and do not want materials sent, the Library will put your service on hold.