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This newsletter is published by the New Mexico Regional Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD) and is distributed free to the patrons and other interested parties. The newsletter can be requested in large print or Braille versions, and an audio version can be accessed on NEWSLINE. For information, call LBPD at 1-800-456-5515 or 505-476-9770, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

LBPH Newsletter Fall 2013

New Staff at LBPH

We have a new staff member helping out Bella and Pat with the Reader’s Advisory service!  Amy Boggess started in October and will be working on outreach for the LBPH, along with assisting patrons on the phone.  Amy has been a librarian for many years, and has been a resident of New Mexico for about four years now.  She has been working on updating our website and other outreach materials to help spread the word about the services offered by the LBPH.

If anyone has any suggestions for Amy with regards to outreach efforts, please contact her at our 1-800-456-5515 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Possible suggestions could include places for her to come and speak about the LBPH, places to leave brochures or information about our services, or publications that may be a good avenue for reaching new patrons.  Our goal is to make sure anyone who qualifies for service through the LBPH is aware of how to contact us and register.

Holiday Time is Here!

Make sure you are stocked up on talking books for the month of December, as mail volumes this time of year can slow things down a bit.  Staff will also be unavailable during our holiday luncheon in early December, but the voicemail will be activated to receive your orders.

Recent Recording Studio Productions

DNM00267—Justice Betrayed: A Double Killing in Old Santa Feby Ralph Melnick and narrated by Bruce Herr.  Angelina Jaramillo, the 18-year old daughter of a prominent New Mexico family, was raped, bludgeoned, and stabbed to death in her bedroom on November 16, 1931. Thomas Johnson, an African American laborer with a prison record in four states,was convicted of the crime and executed. Now, more than eighty years later this meticulously researched account of the case substantiates a longstanding rumor that the wrong man was put to death. 

DNM00326—The Forty-Seventh Star by William Van Holtby and narrated by William Scheer. Places the quest for statehood in national perspective while examining the territory's political, economic, and social development. A few powerful men brewed a concoction of racism, cronyism, corruption, and partisan politics that poisoned New Mexicans' efforts to join the Union. Drawing on extensive Spanish-language and archival sources, the author also explores the consequences the drive to become a state had for New Mexico's multiple ethnic groups.

DNM00244—The Myth of Santa Fe: Creating a Modern Regional Tradition by Chris Wilson and narrated by Jose Sanchez. Outlines the architecture, history, and cultural story of Santa Fe and delivers a brilliant portrait of a complex and rich cultural heritage from its Pueblo and Spanish roots, through its brief but influential Mexican period, to contributions from what the author terms the American melting pot. The intricate relations between the ethnic groups that call Santa Fe home are explored in detail and with sympathy for all concerned.

DNM00247—The Maze: A Desert Journey by Lucy Rees and narrated by Dorothy Winkler. A couple from Wales come to the Southwest  to travel by horseback to a Hopi mesa where a sevenfold maze similar to ones found in Europe is carved in a rock. To get there, they must "cross desert, high plateau and half of Navajoland."  But as all good travel stories prove, the journey is the destination, and long before they arrive at Hopi, they have learned some valuable lessons about themselves and each other.

DNM00248—In the Sun's House by Kurt Caswell and narrated by Bruce Herr. In a remote Navajo community in northwest New Mexico, the author's cultural missteps, status as an interloper, and white skin earned him no respect in the classroom or the community.  Those on the reservation assumed he would come and go like so many teachers had before. But as he attempts to bridge the gap he finds his calling as a teacher and develops a love for the rich landscape of New Mexico, and manages a hard-won truce between his failings and successes.

DNM00261—Beatty’s Cabinby Elliot S. Barker and narrated by Bruce Herr. Elliott Beatty's writing was every bit as good as his story telling. His tales of the Pecos Wilderness in the early twentieth century are a true New Mexico treasure. Sadly, he believed in eliminating wolves and grizzly bears to benefit ranchers, but his awe at the beauty and strength of the Pecos Wilderness, and his concern for true wilderness as a vanishing resource could kindle a love for our natural environment in almost any reader.  A classic. 1953.

Ordering Books Through the Web Catalog

Have you tried ordering titles directly from our web catalog?  If you are a regular computer user, this is a quick and easy way to search for items in our catalog and request titles.  The web catalog is also a good way for a friend or relative (even if they live far away) to assist in managing your request list.  Simply go to our website at:  There’s a link for LBPH Online Catalog after the paragraphs about the library, or go directly to the catalog at: 

You can then enter your search terms and browse the results.  Click in the Request box to mark any titles that you would like to receive, and then click on “Add to BookBasket” at the bottom of the screen.  The BookBasket is very similar to most online shopping sites that have you put items in a “shopping cart”.  When you are finished adding titles to the BookBasket, click on “Proceed to Checkout” at the bottom of the screen.  You will then see a Patron Login screen. 

For both the Userid and the Password, you will type in your LBPH patron id.  If you do not know your patron id, please call us 1-800-456-5515.  Once logged in, you will get an Order Verification screen that allows you to make any changes before you submit your order. 

Remember the Friends!

Occasionally patrons may be interested in giving a financial contribution to the library. The Friends of the NMLBPH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that can accept and maintain tax-deductible donations for the benefit of the library program.

The Friends’ support is used generally for supplemental funding of materials or travel, where state funding has been reduced, or in areas such as our local recording program, which may not routinely be supported by state or federal funding. In the past year, Friends’ funding has contributed to staff travel to national conferences and upgrades to the recording studio. Contributions to the Friends may be addressed to Friends of the NMLBPH, 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87507.