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LBPH Newsletter Winter 2015

New Staff at LBPH

We have a new staff member helping Amy and Pat with Reader's Advisory service!  Kathleen Klein-Mittman began work in late October as a full-time Reader Advisor.  Kathleen is a native of Roswell and has lived in the Santa Fe area for nearly 40 years.  Prior to joining LBPH she worked in customer service for the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles.

Kathleen will be learning the complexities of the library catalog and patron database for a few weeks, so we appreciate everyone's patience while she is in training.  She's learning quickly, though, and is enjoying getting to know many of our patrons.  Please welcome Kathleen aboard!

Holiday Time is Here!

Make sure you plan your talking book orders for the month of December in advance, as mail volumes this time of year can slow things down a bit.  The library will be closed November 27 and 28 for Thanksgiving, as well as December 25 and January 1.  Staff will also be unavailable during our holiday luncheon in early December, but voicemail will be activated for orders.


In October, the New Mexico program joined a growing list of over 20 regional libraries approved to submit audiobooks that meet the requirements of the National Library Service (NLS) for download availability through BARD (Braille and Audio reading Download).  Currently, over 250 regional productions are listed on BARD.

The New Mexico library chose A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest by New Mexico based author William DeBuys as its first BARD approved submission.  Originally released by the library in cartridge form as book number DNM319, this title is now listed as number DBC01277 in the NLS catalog.  All regional productions submitted for BARD inclusion will begin with the DBC prefix.

In a letter to the library, NLS Director Karen Keninger states "The posting of your book to BARD marks an important milestone in our effort to increase the quantity of materials available on BARD."

Remember the Friends

Occasionally, library users may be interested in giving a financial contribution to the library.  The Friends of the NMLBPH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that can accept and maintain tax deductible donations for the benefit of the library program.

The Friends' support is used generally for supplemental funding of materials or travel, where state funding has been reduced, or in areas such as the local recording program, which may not routinely be supported by state or federal funding.  In addition to ongoing funding considerations, the Friends are planning to fund equipment and software upgrades to the recording studio in order to better conform with NLS recommendations.  The last major upgrade to the studio occurred in 2003.  It is estimated that these improvements will cost about $5,000.  Contributions to the Friends may be addressed to Friends of the NMLBPH, 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87507.

Recent Recording Studio Productions

DNM00132--The River in Winter written by Stanley G. Crawford and narrated by Bruce Herr.  Whether writing about the river whose water irrigates his land, or the plants and animals with which he lives, Crawford's thoughtful, witty essays are the kind of summary his fans have been cutting out of periodicals for years.  Now in book form the essays can be reread, and given to friends who have yet to discover the pleasure of reading Stanley Crawford.

DNM00365--Women's Tales from the New Mexico W.P.A.: La Diabla a Pie edited by Tey Diana Rebolledo and Maria Teresa Marquez and narrated by Patricia Jonietz.  New Mexico was among states participating in the Great Depression's federal Writers Project as part of a larger Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930's.  Lou S. Batchen and Annette H. Thorpe gathered Hispanic women's folktales as well as capturing narratives of a way of life.  The editors, professors at UNM, combed through archives to recover these valuable first-hand accounts. 

DNM00386--Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in New Mexico History by Sam Lowe and narrated by Michael Burgan.  Features many profiles of bad guys, mischief makers, visionary if misunderstood thinkers, and other antiheroes in New Mexico history.  It reveals the dark side of some well-known and even revered characters--Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary who led the last foreign invasion of the United States; Paula Angel, a jilted lover and only woman ever executed in New Mexico; and Bronco Bill Walters, a train robber who hid his loot so well that he never found it.

DNM00390--The Delight Makers by Adolph F.A. Bandelier and narrated by Bruce Herr.  The authority on ancient Pueblos when this work came out in 1890, Bandelier shares what he discovered about the Indians of the Four Corners.  More historian than story teller, he describes an accurate impression of "the way it was", if you can overlook stereotyped comments and presumptuous views.  It is easy to see Bandelier's Queres Indians as the Anasazi, and the relationship between his Koshare (Delight makers) and the affection contemporary culture has for Kokopelli.

Calling All E-mail and BARD Users!

We have been considering a supplementary newsletter focusing more on the issues and concerns relevant to our BARD and online catalog users.  It would be distributed via e-mail to facilitate more frequent communication.  We understand, however, that not everyone is looking for more things in their inbox these days, so we'd like to get some feedback as to who would be interested in reading more regular content regarding BARD and other "techie" stuff, please e-mail Amy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Update Your Contact Information

Are you planning to move or change your phone number in 2015?  If so, please remember to notify us of your new contact information.  When we are unable to reach a patron due to incorrect information, we usually suspend service.  The best way to keep your account active and to keep the books coming in the mail is to make sure we are aware of changes to your contact information.