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LBPD Newsletter

LBPH Newsletter Spring 2014 (2)

Staff Announcement

Bella Lucero decided to retire from the LBPH this spring, after serving the blind and physically handicapped community in New Mexico for over 15 years.  Bella was very committed to providing excellent support for all of our patrons. We know that she will be sorely missed, but we hope you will join us in wishing her well in her retirement!  

We hope to continue Bella’s legacy of outstanding patron support,  however we will be short staffed in the interim period while we are seeking a replacement.  To help us better serve everyone during this transition, we encourage timely renewal of your talking books and efficient ordering.  Your call may get answered by our voice mail more frequently right now, as we have only one staff member available to answer the phones.  Please leave us a detailed message including your full name and phone number.  If you are calling to place an order, please leave your order information (book numbers or author/titles) in your voice message rather than just requesting that we call you back.  We will call you back only if there is a problem placing your order, or if you have left us a question.  And if you have the capability to place your order via our online catalog, we encourage you to use that option.        

Summer Reading Program

Science is the theme for this year’s Fizz, Boom, Read! summer reading program.  We invite all of our younger readers, aged 17 and under, to participate in the 2014 Statewide Summer Reading Program.  Registration will begin in May.  For more information, or to register a child, drop by the LBPH at 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, or give us a call at 1-800-456-5515.  Please join us this summer as we encourage children to read about science!  Certificates of participation will be awarded at the conclusion of the program.

Recent  Recording Studio Productions

DNM00298—The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn by John Treadwell Nichols and narrated by Bruce Herr. By turns sentimental, harsh, lusty, and humorous, the author brings forth the country's harsh beauty. This book is the second, and the centerpiece, in a trilogy of memoirs written about his fifteen years living in Taos, New Mexico.

DNM00359—Deadly Deception by Marie Romero Cash and narrated by Patricia Jonietz. Forensic psychologist Jemimah Hodge, returning to Santa Fe after months of training, is handed a 10-year old cold case. The case is sensitive, concerning the death of a police officer's wife, and Santa Fe's finest have not been cooperative.  Detective Rick Romero has awaited Jemimah's return. She would like to respond to his interest in her, but is held back by emotional scars from her Mormon upbringing. Despite their tense relationship, they must find a way to work together.  The two survive shooting incidents possibly related to the case. Will they be able to identify the would-be killer in time to save themselves?

DNM00377—The Pot Thief Who Studied Billy the Kid by J. Michael Orenduff and narrated by Charles Boatright. Digging illegally for pots, Hubie Schuze grasps a human hand. His truck stolen, Hubie notes the Anasazi did not bury their dead in their cliff dwelling homes, and makes a bizarre escape.  Later, it takes Hubie, sidekick Susannah, a coyote, and Billy the Kid to figure out who was dead and why.

DNM00378—On the Rocks  a Willa Cather and Edith Lewis Mystery by Sue Hallgarth and narrated by Patricia Jonietz.  It's the summer of 1929, on Grand Manan, an island in the Bay of Fundy.  Pulitzer-prize winner Willa Cather is writing Shadows on the Rock, while her partner Edith Lewis is painting watercolors from the cliffs above Whale Cove.  Edith sees a body plunge to the rocks below.  The two women, awash in the politics and goings-on of their women's artists' community, resolve to solve the murder.

DNM00289—Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light by Jane Brox and narrated by Eliot Kohen. A history of artificial lighting from candles to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Also addressed are the effects of light pollution on such things as astronomical observation. 

Spring Cleaning

Doing any spring cleaning?  Please check for digital cartridges that may have fallen behind the sofa or other hidden places.  We have many lonely cases awaiting their books...and some books awaiting their cases as well!  If you find either a cartridge or an empty mailing case, please use a padded envelope or box to return them to us.  Don’t forget to return your magazine cartridges in their own red cases—those do not come to us.

If you have received overdue notices from us, you are always welcome to give us a call to go over your record with you.  The LBPH has over 3,000 patrons state wide,  so in the interest of fairness and equal access for everyone, we do place limits on the number of items that can be borrowed and the length of time that you can keep items.  Please respect these limits so that everyone can enjoy our program!

Books By Mail

Books by Mail is a book delivery service offered to rural residents of New Mexico who do not live near a public library, the State Library, or a Bookmobile stop.  The service is also available to New Mexico residents who are homebound because of a physical disability and unable to visit a local library due to visual disability.  Books are mailed to patrons in a canvas bag,  used for returning books as well.  For more information, please call 1-800-395-9144 or visit their website at