State Documents Collection

The state government publication depository is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., or by appointment Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00.  Call 505-476-9702 or Ask-a Librarian.

Find out who owns New Mexico’s water and how it is being used … where the best schools are in town … the history of our state … what bills are going through the legislature that affect New Mexico’s families, businesses and environment.

The New Mexico State Library has an extensive collection of both current and historical documents published by all New Mexico State Agencies and vital to the educational, business, personal, civic, legislative and research needs of New Mexico citizens

Topic areas cover, but are not limited to health, education, history, culture, art, government, energy, economics, business, taxes, natural resources, agriculture, tourism, labor, human services, state parks, museums and all areas of New Mexico Government.

Included are:

  • annual reports
  • periodicals
  • statistics
  • directories
  • newsletters
  • technical reports
  • policy reports
  • brochures and catalogs
  • monographs
  • minutes of state board and commission meetings
  • laws and rules and regulations
  • maps

Copies of most of these state publications can be borrowed by visiting the State Library. They are also available in depository libraries throughout New Mexico, provided as part of the State Publications Program. Other libraries may request these materials for individuals to borrow through the State Library’s interlibrary loan service. 

Find state publication information through:

Electronic state publications are accessed directly through the State LIbrary's online catalog  or via the digital archive.  Specific digitized state publication collections are also available on the following sites:

There are state government apps for all major platforms as well as mobile websites that work across various platforms. The apps and mobile websites created by state governments generally fall into a few basic categories:  government and legal document and data apps, government services apps, government website apps, and consumer tools apps.  You can search for particular government apps through app stores and marketplaces for various devices.  There is also a catalog for state government apps and mobile websites created by all 50 states. 

  • State Mobile Apps Catalog - you may search by state, by category, or browse a list of all apps and links are provided for download

New Mexico currently has three apps - New Mexico Vacation Guide, New Mexico Roads, New Mexico MVD