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Governor Bill Richardson's Press Release on Broadband Award


    For Immediate Release                                                 Contact: Deborah Martinez

    December 17, 2009                                                                 (505) 699-1828

New Mexico State Library To Receive Nearly
 $1.5 Million in Stimulus Funds
Money Will Be Used To Promote Computer Literacy, Internet Use and Awareness through the Fast Forward New Mexico Initiative
SANTA FE— Governor Bill Richardson today highlighted a nearly $1.5 million award to the New Mexico State Library from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.   With this funding, the State Library will be able to carry out the provision of the Recovery Act that calls for adoption of broadband in areas not served or underserved in New Mexico.
The award, announced by Vice President Biden earlier today, will support the Fast Forward New Mexico initiative, which includes training programs at public and tribal libraries to increase the skills of citizens using the Internet, a statewide Broadband awareness campaign, and a New Mexico Broadband Conference to promote the benefits of bringing high speed Internet access to all citizens in urban and rural New Mexico.
“Today’s announcement is an important step toward establishing greater awareness of the benefits of increased broadband access in New Mexico,” Governor Richardson said. “Expansion of high-speed Internet service, especially in rural New Mexico, can be a tremendous boost for economic development, as businesses are able to reach new markets. Also, greater broadband access can offer new educational resources for students and schools, and lead to improvements in healthcare delivery.” 


The grant will be managed by a partnership including the New Mexico State Library, the University of New Mexico, the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, and the 1st Mile Institute.
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Alarie Ray-Garcia
Communications Director
Office of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson
State Capitol, Suite 400
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501