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Federal Depository Program

 Information for libraries about the New Mexico State Library  Federal Depository Library Program

The New Mexico State Library has served as a Federal Depository Library for the State of New Mexico since 1960 and is one of three libraries sharing the New Mexico Regional Depository duties.

There are 9 selective federal depository libraries and 3 regional depository libraries in the State of New Mexico. Public and school librarians are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the resources of the library in their region for appropriate patron referral. Each collection has its own unique focus and staff that specialize in the retrieval of government information.

The New Mexico State Library also serves as a coordinating agency with the U.S. Census Bureau and other New Mexico partners in the state in the State Data Center program. The State Library collects Census Data from 1790 to the present, and provides access and assistance to the public and state government in the location and use of Census information. State library staff is trained in the use of Census web sites and holds specialized resources for the retrieval of Census Data. For assistance, call the toll free reference line 1-800-876-2203.

 About Federal Publications at the New Mexico State Library