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NM Public Libraries

Some of the services the State Library provides to New Mexico's public libraries:

Library Consulting

Staff members of the Library Development Services Bureau assist, consult, and advise public library staffs throughout the state on operational and management issues by phone, electronic mail, and on-site visits. Consultants stay current on theory and practice of librarianship and customize this knowledge to meet local needs. State Library consultants conduct research, share resource materials, compile statistics, and work directly with local public library staff and public officials as needed to foster excellence in library service.

Training and Continuing Education

Using its statutory mandate to create an effective statewide library system, the State Library has become a training leader in the state for public library directors and staff. The program also assists developing library staff to earn the requisite continuing education units needed to receive state grants-in-aid.

Librarian Certification

NMSL Rule 81-4 requires that libraries in towns of certain population sizes receiving state funds have a certified or professional librarian as director of the library. To meet this rule, the Librarian Certification Examinations for grades I and II are administered on demand.  For more detailed information, please see the Librarian Certification page.

Statewide Summer Reading Program

The youth services consultant coordinates the statewide summer reading program in public and tribal libraries each year to help keep students reading during summer school break. The State Library is a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program, a consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children at the lowest cost possible for their public libraries. Through the collaborative, the State Library offers libraries a summer reading manual, posters, and bookmarks annually to support their programs.