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State Library Renovation

New Mexico State Library Collections Reopening Monday, August 20

The New Mexico State Library reopens to the public Monday August 20. Hours will be 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

All library collections are available from a single service point on the second floor of the Garrey Carruthers Building in the Main Library. The collections include Southwest History and Culture, State and Federal Documents, the Foundation Information Network, Reference, and Professional Collection of Library and Information Science. The consolidation of collections in the Main Library will allow library staff to provide convenient, consistent access to all of the State Library resources.

To celebrate our reopening, we will be hosting lectures on a variety of topics this Fall. Please stay tuned for more information. Hope to see you in the library soon!

Tips for Library Users

Ask A Librarian

Got a burning question about Zozobra? Wondering what in the world is a wikiup? Curious about Chaco Canyon? Ask a librarian! The New Mexico State Library E-mail Reference Desk responds to questions within 2 business days or less. Post your puzzles using our online form.